Genshin Impact: Gameplay Tips

Genshin Impact: Gameplay Tips (A Checklist of Small Tasks to Do to Improve)

I’ve been playing a lot of Genshin Impact lately, and I absolutely love the game! This is a guide for any player at any AR; these are just some things I do when I log into the game. These tips helped me when I was started playing the game, and hopefully they will help you too!

  1. Dash is faster but you can only consequently sprint twice.

I didn’t realize this until after playing the game a lot, but when you dash (right click), you can only dash consequently twice (at least, that’s how it is for me). So, if you also notice that in your gameplay, then you already improved! Why? Because, being aware of how your character sprint will help you in not wasting your dashes during fights, and to stop using stamina during points of the fight to refill stamina and reset the dash. Also, dashing is faster than sprinting (repeatedly right clicking is better than holding down the right click), as the YouTuber Concept2G has stated.

2. Collect non-daily spawned material

When ascending characters, you may notice that you’re missing some items that you don’t see often, such as Silk Flowers or Cecilia flowers. That’s because these items do not spawn everyday and thus, you should have a small routine. What I usually do is that I first teleport to the lake, indicated below, to check if Calla Lilies (another non-daily spawned material) appeared. If the lake is empty, then the material does not respawn; if the lake has a lot of Calla Lilies, then you can assume that the Silk flowers and Cecilia flowers respawned as well. Another note, Silk flowers only spawn near Wangshu Inn and the entrance to the Jade Palace (shown below).

Silk Flower Location near the Jade Palace
  1. Collect everything you see

Be a moth to a flame or a crow to a shiny object: if something sparkles, grab it. Same with treasure chests, you will not remember to go back and grab it, and by constantly grabbing everything, you won’t be short on items. In the same sense, fight everything you see to gain as much material as possible

Aether Staring at a Hilichurl

4. There are a lot of hidden achievements you can do to get free primos

Try one: Esc -> Go to settings -> Go to Audio -> Move the audio volume up and down in 2-3 second intervals until Paimon gets angry. (You can also find this achievement online). There are a lot of hidden achievements you can do; all you need to do is search hidden achievements on YouTube or Google.

There are many other small things, such as Chloris, the plant seller who’s skipping around Windrise ready to sell you some flowers, or precious chest areas, but you can find that as you travel around (or ask Google). I love this game so much as I feel like I’m part of the world and love meeting the new characters. I hope everyone has as much fun as I do playing Genshin Impact. (If you have exams, happy studies!)


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