Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Satoru vs Ryomen Sukuna

Now that our favourite anime has ended, what next? Well, to start, I would recommend reading the manga. But, if that’s too much emotion, here’s a commentary of how broken each character is based on their skills instead (including a comparison of their abilities in a hypothetical fight between each other). 

(major spoilers ahead!) 

Gojo Satoru

Literally the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer that has existed and a man worth simping for. Satoru is the first person in the Gojo family to yield the power of both the Six Eyes and the Limitless Technique in over one hundred years. The Six Eyes technique has not been described in detail, but it contributes to reducing the cursed energy consumption to infinitely close to zero (meaning, Satoru can never fully consume all his cursed energy and always have some cursed energy to use). This technique is beneficial for his Limitless technique, which is one of Satoru’s most powerful moves and involves the manipulation of space. The Limitless technique includes four sub-techniques. One of the sub-techniques is Infinity, the ability to slow and “stop” movements. When applied to combat, Satoru can slow and “stop” forces targeting him, which prevents him from getting injured and/or taking a direct hit. Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue and Cursed Technique Lapse: Red are also sub-techniques of Limitless. Specifically, Blue is a technique that creates a vacuum using negative cursed energy, which causes objects to be pulled towards this vacuum (think of it as Gojo able to create a point of gravity, and things are being pulled towards it). Red, on the other hand, is the reverse technique of Blue, in which Satoru can create an extreme repulsion force using reverse cursed technique (positive energy). The final sub-technique of Limitless is Hollow Purple, the combination of Blue and Red together. Due to the forces of attraction and repulsion being pushed together, there is distortion in the space, causing the power to erase/delete anything in its path. Limitless itself is broken, but in combination with the Six Eyes technique, it is no wonder Satoru is the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer of all. He is also capable of opening his complete domain, called Unlimited Void, several times a day, which is very difficult for many sorcerers. Unlimited Void opens in 0.2 seconds, and causes the target to receive unlimited stimuli and information, making it impossible for the subject to formulate any thoughts and plans of attack, completely immobilizing them. 

Gojo Satoru without his Blindfold

Ryomen Sukuna

Sukuna is known as the King of Curses and Deadly Poison, and is currently inhabiting Itadori’s body. The legend behind Sukuna is that he used to exist as a human sorcerer thousands of years ago, and defeated anyone who challenged him. When he passed away, his body was too powerful to destroy and he lived on as an extremely powerful curse. This in itself shows how powerful Sukuna is. Yet, in the recent chapters, Sukuna demonstrated his true abilities and strength, from his immense physical capabilities to his complete domain. He is known for his slashing techniques (as mentioned by Jogo): Dismantle and Cleave. Dismantle is his default slashing attack, and Cleave is a slashing attack that is adjusted depending on the target’s toughness and cursed energy level in order to take the opponent down in one attack. Yet, Sukuna is able to produce other elemental cursed techniques, such as fire, though it is still unknown how he is able to. In addition, Sukuna can open his domain in 0.2 seconds, similar to Gojo, but his domain is different compared to Gojo. Sukuna’s domain, Malevolent Shrine, is different compared to other domains as it does not create a separate space by building a barrier. Malevolent Shrine (how I understand it) transforms the user’s environment to become the domain (so no barriers; the metaphor the author uses to describe Sukuna’s domain is “the ability to realize one’s innate domain without using a barrier is akin to an artist painting a masterpiece not on a canvas, but on air. A truly divine technique”). To top it all off, Sukuna is able to use the reverse cursed technique (positive cursed energy) to heal himself of any physical damages he takes. 

Sukuna Sitting on his Throne inside Itadori’s Body

The Ultimate Fight

Now, the most intense battle yet: Gojo Satoru vs. Ryomen Sukuna. In terms of endurance, I believe Gojo Satoru would have a major advantage, due to his Six Eyes ability, yet it is possible for Sukuna to recover himself using the reverse cursed technique (though, I am unsure if this technique allows the user to regain cursed energy, or if there’s even a limit to Sukuna’s cursed energy). Additionally, Sukuna and Satoru seem like they would be evenly matched for physical strength, which means this battle would heavily rely on cursed technique and domain expansions. In my opinion, Satoru would be able to win if the battle was only using cursed technique, as his Limitless ability can prevent Sukuna’s slashing attack from hitting him, and can do some major damage on Sukuna. On the other hand, in terms of domains, Sukuna may have the upper hand as Malevolent Shrine is a more refined and controlled domain, unlike Satoru’s domain which would need a barrier. Although, due to Satoru’s Limitless and Six Eyes ability, it is possible that Satoru can fight in Malevolent Shrine, though he would not be able to endure for very long as Satoru can still feel exhausted from using too much cursed energy. So overall, if this was a fair fight based on the current skills I have seen from both Satoru and Sakuna, I would say Sakuna has the upper hand, due to Sukuna’s refined domain and ability to recover himself. 

Satoru and Sukuna’s Initial Fight in Episode 2

(I love Gojo and friends so, hopefully we’ll see more of his growth too, including him learning the reversed cursed technique to heal himself <3)

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