A Top 10 List Just Wasn’t Enough

Is there such a thing as a Top Zelda Songs list? I am a firm believer that most, if not all, songs from the franchise are gold, but we all know I’m a little too obsessed with Zelda. That is why, through my own blood, sweat and tears, I have created a list of my Top 15 Zelda tracks.  I was trying hard not to be biased towards certain games, but since I’ve only played five Zelda games recently, these are the ones that will show up in this list. I’ll give you one warning though: there are spoilers, not major ones but if you haven’t played many Zelda games then some of the events mentioned will be news to you. Anyways, shall we start from the bottom?

15. House Music – All Games

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome the house music is in the Zelda franchise? Yes, I’m talking about the run of the mill song that plays constantly when you break into people’s houses, steal their treasure, and break their pots. I never get tired of any of the songs that play, which is a feat since the house music is largely the same throughout each game and you’ll be hearing it often. If you haven’t ever been bothered by this music either, then think about how many hours you’ve probably listened it, and know that these songs deserve a gold medal.


14. Hidden Village – Twilight Princess

Hidden Village is definitely one of the silliest songs in Zelda and should probably have “cowboy” in the title. It’s fun, quirky and makes me want to lasso something immediately. This song is played in the Hidden Village when you’re trying to battle your way through enemies to get to the little house. There’s several ways to get there, the first is to make your presence known and have an epic battle with all the enemies at once. Another, and my preferred method, is to be stealthy. I have a personal high score of how many Bulblins I can shoot down from the exact starting point after the small cutscene, and it entails shooting everyone outside down with arrows with only a couple left to take down inside. I spent way too many hours in that small village cutting down enemies, which is why I love this song so much.


13. Molgera Boss Theme – Wind Waker

This song just has a place in my heart. Its rapid, exciting beat is exactly what you need when battling a boss. The chica-chica-chica-chica in the background sometimes makes me laugh, but it reminds me of how lighthearted Wind Waker is compared to the other games. The rushed and urgent feeling of this song just fits perfectly with the flying sand boss.

12. Last Day (Final Hours) – Majora’s Mask

This song creeps me out so much, and rightfully so. Its slow, weary organ and higher pitched notes blend together for a perfect description of the stress you’re likely feeling when the clock is almost at midnight on the third day. You might be hurrying to finish a temple, or even battling the boss when this song begins to play. I thought I might get used to it after playing with the third day mechanic several times, but that third day never fails to be unnerving. The only thing that bothers me about this song is the distortion of the notes: the song sounds fuzzy. I can excuse that since I know how long ago the game was made, but if you plan on searching this song, concentrate on the background sounds and not the white noise to get the full effect of the melody.

11. Stone Tower Temple (Normal) – Majora’s Mask

This song goes really well with the stone temple for a couple of reasons. The deep, epic chorus in the background seems like the perfect foreshadowing to the Skullkid battle that you’ll head to right after beating this dungeon. It also reminds me of the Temple of Time music, which sets the mood for ancient and robust. Finally, the light melody reminds me of how small you are amidst these giant temples. All these things make for a great background when trying to beat this messed up temple!

10. Zelda’s Lullaby – Ocarina of Time

You probably knew this was coming, so I apologize for being so predictable. It has such gentle, beautiful notes though: you can’t possibly not fall in love. Also, this song captures the innocence that is Link. Have we already forgotten how young this kid is? So young, in fact, that his body has to be sealed away for seven years before he’s ready to face Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time. This song is also touching because it symbolizes of the unbreakable bond between Link and Zelda.

9. Ending Theme – Wind Waker

The ending theme sums up Wind Waker in the most perfect way possible. I love the cheery melody and feel like getting up and dancing when I listen to it. It has music from throughout the game incorporated into it, including the great sea theme. Hearing this song after finishing Wind Waker does it so much justice!


8. Sacred Grove – Twilight Princess

This dreamy song is definitely one of my loves. The background plays a nice, continuous melody while the main part weaves in and out. I love how the song feels majestic and modest at the same time, and perfectly describes the beautiful forest that houses the Master Sword. Don’t be fooled though: if you stop for too long to appreciate this song in the game, then you’ll likely end up getting lost in the forest. It’s also a distraction from the fact that you have to chase around the Skullkid. If I’m ever frustrated as to where he is, I take a second to appreciate the music, calm down, and get my head back in the game.


7. Dragon Roost Island – Wind Waker

I don’t care if you think this song is annoying, it’s on my list. This happy song reminds me of all the kind people who’ve helped you on the way in all of the Zelda games. The upbeat flute and clapping in the background make it an all-around feel good song. It’s definitely appropriate for Dragon Roost Island and the peaceful Rito tribe that delivers mail.


6. Lanayru Sand Sea (Past) – Skyward Sword

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I didn’t enjoy Skyward Sword as much as the previous games, and thus didn’t spend nearly enough time playing the game to fully appreciate the tracks. There were two songs however that struck me right when I heard them: one that lies later in the list and Lanayru Sea (Past). This song feels mysterious and the echoes speak of a greater past. I love the drawn out notes and the small beat in the background. This song sounds like it could be carried by the wind because it’s so soft, which is why it’s so fitting for the desert air. I also love the cleverness of having the dried out lake in the future instead of the usual Lake Hylia.


5. Midna’s Lament – Twilight Princess

Midna’s Lament is one of the most beautiful and vulnerable songs in all of Zelda. After being critically wounded, Link must escort Midna to Zelda, unsure of whether she can be healed. Its dark outside, raining, and everything feels helpless. This song conveys all of these points through its echoing melody and slightly fast beat in the background. You feel rushed as you climb the tower to meet Zelda. I personally love this part of Twilight Princess because you’re on the verge of losing your best friend, and it always makes me incredibly and deeply sad. It’s one of those heart wrenching moments where all you can do is hope that somehow things will turn out okay.


4. Queen Rutela’s Theme (Serenade of Water) – Twilight Princess

Another heart wrenching song from Twilight Princess is Rutela’s theme, otherwise known as the Serenade of Water, but longer. In the game, the Zora Queen’s life was taken by Ganandorf’s rage, and this quiet, peaceful and sad song describes everything that the gentle queen embodies. Her beauty is striking when you meet her, and this song accompanies her when you speak to her in her afterlife. I only wish this song played for a longer time in the game and wasn’t so fleeting, but it fits her spirit so well.


3. Ballad of the Goddess – Skyward Sword

This song is so epic that it definitely deserves its place among the best Zelda songs! The full orchestra just gives me the goosebumps and it carries with it a sense of great importance. I can’t even explain how it sounds because the melody is so complex, and I urge you to give it a listen if you haven’t already played Skyward Sword. It’s really too bad that it’s so short!

2. The Legendary Hero – Wind Waker

This is hands down the best music of any story told at the beginning of a Zelda game. Its high notes and grandeur are unmatched, as well as the deep and dark notes that speak of a rebel force. The instrument for the main melody is perfect because it conveys folklore and legend like no other. I don’t even need to look up the youtube video to this to remember the almost exact wording of the story, that is how deeply rooted this song is in the fibres of my being. I may have gone too far, but it’s fine because this song really is one of the most memorable Zelda songs of all time.


1. Temple of Time – Ocarina of Time

Because what other song could be number one, other than the most memorable, time-dripping, grand choir songs in all of Zelda? When I think of the series, this song is always the first to come to mind. It might be since several important plot points revolve around the Temple of Time and the Song of Time you play with your ocarina, so it’s deeply rooted in my love of Zelda. Or perhaps because the song sounds like a beautiful, deep chorus of epicness if you ask me. Either way, this song deserves this title.

Ocarina of Time 115

That wraps up my list of Top Zelda Song. Of course, if you disagree with any of these choices, especially since everyone has their own favourite Zelda games, leave a comment! I want to hear what others have to say about this fantastic franchise.



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