My Favourite Gaming System: A Tale of Nostalgia

I have a story about a little black box. It’s both my most cherished possession, and the most durable thing that I own. There will always be a spot in my heart for it, and I will probably cry if it breaks. If you’re looking for some nostalgic fun from a decade ago, keep reading. Let’s go back:

It was December 25th, 2002: Instead of waiting for my siblings, I ripped open the box shaped present addressed to all of us from Santa and became the proud co-owner of my first Gamecube. We also received three controllers, Mario Kart Double Dash and Animal Crossing. Naturally, we went straight to the multiplayer Mario Kart, where my sister and I were promptly destroyed by my brother. I tried my hand at Animal Crossing afterwards as well, which was strangely addicting. This is how my love of gaming started: picking weeds and throwing banana peels.

As a little context, Mario Kart Double Dash is a multiplayer racing game which features the lovable characters from Nintendo. Each player gets to choose two racers and a cart, then duel it out on a variety of stages and difficulties. Animal Crossing is the complete opposite: it’s a one player game where you start off fresh in a small village full of animals as the citizens. Since you have no money to buy a house, you must work off your debts to the local businessman, Tom Nook. You can sell fruit, catch fish, trap bugs and pick weeds to pass the time in your little town.

Since we were all so young, bragging rights were the biggest thing between my siblings, and it’s the majority of why we spent so long beating each other in Mario Kart. But in the shadows, when I finished all my homework and asked my mom with beady little eyes if I could play Animal Crossing, I got ahead of my sister and brother. Eventually, my mortgage was completely paid off and I got the gold statue, which still stands as a beacon of my hard work on one of my memory cards. Every time I see that statue, I laugh at how silly I was for obsessing over beating my brother at something video game related. But at the time, it was one of my biggest accomplishments.

The most redeeming quality of the Gamecube is that, aside from all these great memories of playing it with my siblings, from throwing controllers across the room when we lost by a hair, to dropping it every time it was carried around, it never broke. Neither did the controllers, the AV cable, the power cord, nor the game disks. The days of the red ring of death were yet to come, and we enjoyed gaming whenever and however long we wanted, given that all our homework was done and dinner was eaten. If you look at some of the more used games I own, you can’t even see any shiny bit anymore but they’re still usable! The only defect in my console to this date is that a couple years ago, the eject button for the disk got stuck and you have to keep pressing it until it unsticks, which usually doesn’t take more than 10 seconds. I swear that box is nearly indestructible, so if you’re looking for a good buy that will last you a long time, grab one of these right when they come into your favourite used gaming store.

Since we got that Gamecube so long ago, the collection of games that resulted from getting one or two every Christmas is extensive. I have some of the best and dumbest games ever created for this platform: some of my favourites include Super Smash Bros Melee, Metroid Prime, Mario Kart Double Dash, and multiple Legend of Zelda games. The games might be harder to find since they were made so long ago, but the big titles are definitely worthwhile to get.

ie. Windwaker

Of course, the graphics won’t be up to par with modern gaming systems, but who doesn’t love a little old-style gaming? If you loved all of these qualities, then find yourself a Gamecube as soon as you can and get to gaming!

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  1. I had great times with the GameCube too!

    I received my as a Christmas present (just before the Wii was about to be released: purchased for a cool 50 🙂 ). God knows how many hours I clocked on Pokemon collectively…

    Great article!

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