Recommendation: Jujutsu Kaisen

*LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD* (some details about character and short clips of two fights)

If you’re looking for a show to watch with beautiful action, stunning visuals, deep, intricate characters, incredible fight scenes, and episodes that consistently get better, then, look no further than the latest Shonen anime blowing up across the internet: Jujutsu Kaisen.

To begin, the action in this show is visually stunning. Typically, action in anime is littered with cuts, breaks with dialogue, and limited frames. Yet in Jujutsu Kaisen, the action is free flowing, devoid of interrupting dialogue. The scenes are high-octane as well as compelling. For example, check out this short clip from the first episode:

Aside from the amazing action, Jujutsu Kaisen has fantastic characters, each with something that makes them badass. Each character has their own unique abilities and weapons as well as a purpose for why they do what they do. For instance, the main character Itadori, has the goal of saving as many people as possible and to die surrounded by others since his grandfather died with only him at his bedside. We are compelled to follow Itadori on his journey not only because of how relatable and funny he is, but because we empathize with his goal and purpose. We want to see him complete it.

Another great aspect regarding the characters is how three dimensional and badass the female characters are. In anime, it’s common to find female characters that are either boy-obsessed, weak and helpless, crazy, overall, just very one dimensional. However, in Jujutsu Kaisen, this is not the case. For instance, Maki is a character who is unable to produce cursed energy, which is the magical power that all the main characters use to fight with. Essentially, she is supposed to be a weak character. However, in Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s not that simple. Maki is an extremely determined student and trains tremendously hard in the art of combat to the point where she is able to shine no matter her opponent. Check out this short clip of her fighting:

The other main female character in the show is Nobara. On the surface she is a tough badass yet also has a deeper side to her through her tragic backstory. Nobara is the perfect example of a female character who likes feminine things yet isn’t a stereotype. This is encapsulated in one of her lines where she says she loves herself when she’s pretty and dressed up and she loves herself when she’s strong. She can be intense at times and very brash, but she can also be loving and a great friend.  


As mentioned before, this show deals with something called cursed energy, which allows people to see curses that plague everyday society in this world, while also allowing people to defeat them. Each character has their own unique form of cursed energy that fits their personality and character traits. One of the coolest characters in the show is Gojo Satoru (The guy from the first clip).

Gojo is one of the protagonists of the show and Itadori’s teacher. He is known in the world of the show as the most powerful sorcerer. Scenes with him fighting are beautiful, ethereal spectacles of just how amazing animation can be. It seriously looks like the studio dumps the entire animation budget for each scene where Gojo fights. His power is so incredible and other-worldly. For example, he has an attack where combines the physical components of attraction and repulsion which produces a singularity that creates a distortion in the fabric of space at an atomic level, destroying all matter in it’s path. If you think that sounds overpowered, you should just see what it looks like animated!

Another fantastic aspect of this show is the soundtrack. A sublime mix of some upbeat uplifting openings and a cool hip-hop dance tune for the first ending and a delightful emotional ballad for the second ending. As for the episodes themselves, every fight scene has fantastic music to build tension and to hype up the viewers.

To conclude, this show is currently in it’s first season and so far, has been a very pleasant surprise. Each episode has been better than the last. Almost every episode has had some beautifully animated fight sequence with a magnificent soundtrack accompanying it. There are moments of light heartedness, intense conflict, and deep emotional moments. Overall, if you’re into beautiful animation, stunning soundtracks, and unique, badass characters, you should check out Jujutsu Kaisen.

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