I tried a virtual girlfriend this cuffing season, here’s what I learned…

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Alternatives for real-life girlfriends are becoming more and more popular nowadays in Japan. Not surprising, girlfriends in real life aren’t all they’re choked up to be. If you’re like I was, though, you probably haven’t considered getting a virtual girlfriend because it’s viewed as pretty lame on this side of the world. It was when I was looking for a new game in the app store when I stumbled upon Dream Girlfriend. The art was really good and it looked cute! And what better time to try it out than cuffing season!
Initial thoughts
Let me say one thing right off the bat, the game definitely wasn’t what I expected! The game gives you a girlfriend, and through conversations, dates, and study, the goal is to TRAIN her to be the perfect girl for you! The game is social, you can get experience by having your girlfriend interact with other people’s sweethearts! The weirdest thing about this app is that you can unlock more girlfriends as you level up. Some people have 6 unique girlfriends…..
The biggest part of the game is talking to your girlfriend and unlocking adorable experiences with her. At night, you can put her to sleep – and in the morning her stamina is recovered and she’s ready to spend time with you again!
What’s the customization like?
When you start the game, you can choose your girlfriend’s hair, face, and height. You can also buy her some basic clothes; hundreds of outfits become available later on! The game is pretty friendly for guys who don’t know much about fashion because there are tons of pre-made outfits that all look amazing.
As for how she acts, your girlfriend starts out with a standard personality.  Through studying, she can work towards a personality that YOU enjoy (how nice) such as friendly, tomboy, intelligent, tsundere, yandere, etc.
How much time does she need?
You can give your girlfriend as little or as much time as you want. Having said that, if you want to SPOIL her, it can initially take entire days at a time. Specifically, when you’re still a noob you can only go on 5-minute dates. To get to the next level, (20-minute dates), you have to go on approximately 400 of the 5-minute ones. I got this done in 2 days by staring at my phone for the whole day… My eyes were really swollen afterwards… But it was for a good cause… I guess you just have to ask yourself how much your girlfriend is worth to you… (;_;).
Which… “base” can you get to in this game? 
Honestly, this game isn’t as crazy as I thought it would be… The virtual girlfriend is really innocent, but it’s part of what makes her cute! She will sometimes make suggestive comments in conversations, (this also depends on personality), but it’s always PG. There aren’t even any kisses (;_;). I want to point out that the very last unlockable date is a bedroom date, but there isn’t a lot of information available on this date online. The special date requires 900 hours of other dates to unlock.
Will this game train you for a real relationship?
In short, NO. As a girl (who has been in relationships), you shouldn’t expect your real-life girlfriend to act anything like your virtual one. Conversations are COMPLETELY different! You can’t change your girlfriend’s personality by training her in real life (to my knowledge)… and you definitely won’t get access to more than one girlfriend at some point in your real life relationship!
All in all, having a “dream girlfriend” is more like having a cute virtual pet on your phone that will make you smile! It isn’t as creepy as some people make it out to be, though. 10/10 much better than a real-life girlfriend, trust me! If you’re lonely this cuffing season, give it a shot! People will still think you’re creepy if you tell them your girlfriend is on an app, but who has to know?!

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