Don’t just read this article, add Suits to your “To Watch” list, and forget about it for the next millennia. A show like Suits deserves more than just a spot on your list. It’s the kind of show you will regret not watching earlier and will leave you longing for more seasons. Here’s why:


Mike Ross is an orphan with a photographic memory. He remembers almost everything he sees, and lives with his drug dealer roommate, Trevor. He earns money by writing LSATs for other people and takes care of his grandmother who lives in her own apartment. Harvey Specter is a newly promoted senior partner at Pearson Hardman Law Firm and is considered one of the top litigators and closers in New York. While running a drug deal for Trevor in a hotel, Mike figures out that the deal is a bust and quickly hides in one of the hotel rooms. This turns out to be the room for Harvey’s associate interviews. He manages to impress Harvey by showing him the capability of his photogenic memory, and that’s where the story progresses. Harvey takes Mike under his wing, despite the firm’s strict rule of hiring students only from Harvard.

The Detailed Storyline

Everything that happen in Suits has significance. Whether the event is relevant within the next few episodes or after 3 seasons, it definitely will play a part and will leave you shocked. If there’s something that lawyers don’t do, it’s forget.

mike ross flip finger

The Characters

Protagonist Mike Ross is a witty kid with a photographic memory. He’s very sympathetic when working his cases. This worries Harvey, as world of law and order doesn’t work that way. Harvey must constantly lie about Mike not going to Harvard, causing some relationship and business issues. Mike is sweet and always willing to help, even after multiple occasions of backstabbing. However, Harvey’s training transforms Mike into a person with Harvey’s skills and Mike’s empathy, making him a very determined lawyer.

Harvey Specter; the name feared by everyone when facing a lawsuit. He’s the kind teammate that you hate because he’s so good, but want him on the team for the same reason. He’s very rebellious, but even though he seems reckless, he almost always has something up his sleeve. His art of persuasion has no bounds, a reason why he prefers to settle cases outside the court. Although he may seem quite selfish (I won’t deny that he is) he is pure at heart. This is often shown in the series, especially after he finds his partner burying evidence.

Jessica Pearson, name partner and managing partner at Pearson Hardman, is not much to talk about. We don’t see much of her in the beginning, but her character is opened up more in the later seasons and we learn about her stern, yet soft nature. From personally taking a wrongful murder case to removing her own fellow name partner, Jessica knows no bounds and you can never know what she’s planning next.

Rachel Zane is a hard-working paralegal who couldn’t become a lawyer after her unsatisfactory LSAT scores. She is also the Mike’s love interest and is usually the person Mike comes to for help on a case.

rachel zane

Louis Litt is the one character that you sometimes hate the most, but at other times love the most. He’s the type of guy who works extremely hard, but doesn’t really get rewarded (relatable right?). He is jealous of Harvey, who is better than him at everything. He oversees all the associates and makes life hell for Mike when he suspects that Mike didn’t go to Harvard. Louis has the greatest character development in the entire Suits franchise. Because of backstabbing, loneliness, and rejection, Louis transforms from a harsh arrogant bully to a more sympathetic person.

louis what the hell good are youluois litt

Donna Paulson is the sassiest assistant born on God’s green earth. A favourite of many, Donna has earned herself that position with her witty comebacks, instantaneous roasts, and her badass character. Using brains and beauty, she is much more than a personal assistant for Harvey, often giving relationship advice and even helping in cases! She happens to get along with everyone and is loved by all, and you’ll soon know that Donna knows everything.


Relatable to GOT

For my fellow Game of Thrones fans; consider watching a Dothraki battle, but each warrior is wearing a suit and uses facts instead of weapons. Yep, that’s Suits. Just like GoT there’s a lot of backstabbing and continuous power struggle. There’s so much manipulation involved that even Peter Baelish would get confused. Let’s not forget that two GoT characters can be seen in Suits, namely Varys and Catelyn Stark. But don’t worry, we won’t have anything like the Red Wedding (just something worse :P)


Ross seems to be involved in a standard love triangle which later progresses to a more typical couple relationship. Meanwhile, Harvey is more of a one-night stand guy, with the exception of his relationship with Dana Scott (his ex-girlfriend from Harvard) and Donna. Dana and Harvey’s love story is straightforward. Dana loves Harvey and wants more than a few flings. She constantly tries to impress Harvey and even goes out of her limits to give Mike a document that helps Harvey win a case, resulting in her termination. Harvey’s relationship with Donna is much more complicated, they both love each other know it, but are too scared to acknowledge it, as they want to be no more than boss and secretary. As the story progresses, they get closer and closer, but are still unable to break the barrier that separates them. Harvey later realizes how much Donna means to him when he starts to have panic attacks when she doesn’t work for him.


Can’t have romance without some bromance, can you? Harvey and Mike become more than associate and boss; they become brothers. Harvey has Mike’s back all the time, even putting his job on the line at some points. Harvey even gives him relationship advice (though how a one-night stander can give that is a mystery). The best part would probably be the continuous taunting that can be hilarious.


Pop Culture References

Mike and Harvey have a thing for old movies and TV shows, often quoting lines at each other, much to the jealousy of Louis. Some of them include Mad Men, Karate Kid, Star Trek and much more.

harvey star trek

You get used to the swearing

The amount of times they say “shit” could only be matched by the amount of time they say “goddamn”. I know it’s not exactly swearing, but don’t we all need a word we can say to relieve our frustration?

Sports Fans

Harvey represents MJ; no, we’re not talking about Wacko Jacko. It’s the one and only Michael Jordan. He not only represents him, but often speaks about giving him advice in basketball. Harvey is a major NBA and MLB fan, showed through the signed balls in his office. We even get to see a cameo of Michael Phelps and Charles Barkley.

michael jordan

To sum up, these are all the aspects of the show that can be put to words. There’s are many emotions that you experience while watching Suits which can’t really be expressed without starting a completely new essay on that topic. It’s definitely worthwhile watching a series that leaves you hungover and with a new visual of the actual world.