How to Get Away with Murder: a killing watch

I recently came across this fairly new television series that caught my attention and wouldn’t let it go. The intricate plot and diverse characters in this dark and intelligent television series drama is one that I personally have grown to love.

The story is centered on a couple of sharp first year law students and their professor of criminal defense law. The title of the series certainly gives indication into what the underlying conflict is. A central theme in the series is exactly that – how an accused individual can get away with murder in court as the main characters work within the boundaries of criminal law. While avoiding discussing too many plot details, I’d like to share some thoughts and reflections on the series.

Much to my own personal enjoyment of the series, each individual episode in the series provides new insights into the characters and one by one pieces information to gather a deeper understanding of the situation. Following each episode, I am left yearning for more information. Although flashbacks are not consistently well-crafted, I believe this show, for the most part, does an excellent job of using flashbacks to convey its story and presenting scenes that effectively contribute to a deep sense of suspense and intrigue. I feel like quite the detective when deciphering the various clues contained within the show and wrapping my head around its complex plot and relationships. The drama feels very much like a modern-day soap opera that is sure to capture the interest of anyone with its dark undertones exploring themes including death, murder, and loss.

The darkness is something I especially appreciate in this series. It seems to have approached the topic of murder unlike any other suspense, drama, and thriller series or cinematic experience I’ve encountered. The story is portrayed through an analytical lens of the court system itself, and delves into character relations. The character development and progression of relationships is commendable and a strong support for the success of the series. The diverse cast presents likeable characters to root for despite plot twists and the consistently dark themes. Nevertheless, there are times where it may feel over-the-top with regards to how criminal law and the cases are presented. Despite this, the series remains incredibly entertaining and memorable.

Overall, I found the series very enjoyable. At this point, I am anticipating and eagerly looking forward to the second half of the second season. Till next time.


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