Nightcrawler follows Lou, a man that scavenges the night of Los Angeles for news worthy footage of crimes and accidents in exchange for a nice profit at the local struggling news station desperate for more viewers. I enjoyed this movie because of the grittiness of the dark cinematography. It was interesting to see the city of Los Angeles presented in a way that did not showcase what people first think of. Instead of the beautiful and luxurious Los Angeles we have come to know through movies and television shows, we are caught in the dirty truth of Los Angeles’ underbelly of crime. I came out of the movie feeling quite unsettled because we aren’t often exposed to film that delves into the behind-the-scenes work of these night crawlers and the inner workings of the media.

Two things stuck with me after watching this movie that were highlighted within the film and undoubtedly exaggerated. The first being how today’s media lacks a degree of respectability and quality due to sensationalism and bias in what is presented to the public. Of course, we all have an idea of how media over-hypes their material, but to have it presented in a Hollywood film that slanders the public for accepting what the media always throws at us as the complete truth drives the point home. It’s sad to realize that in today’s reality news television companies must work to strategically market and present their material to attract viewers at the expense of censoring certain topics. Television news and more specifically, breaking news on television, was portrayed in the movie as entertainment for the masses – something that is not completely far off from the truth. The second being how driven society is for making that next buck, getting better and always striving to achieve more.  There is nothing wrong with always wanting to improve and attain more – is it not the American Dream to reach great levels of prosperity and success as a reward for hard work and dedication? The line gets blurry when you consider the ethical imperatives of the night crawlers that are first to arrive at the scene of a crime to film rather than to help or the news stations that would rather present gruesome material on a house invasion in a high income area over shootings in the lower income area.

Overall, I would recommend you to watch Night crawler. It was a unique thriller or suspenseful film that made me think more than I thought it would. The acting, filming, music, in my opinion were all on point, as nothing really stood out to me that could possibly take away from the film. Definitely check it out if you have the time!

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