2 Broke Girls Recap

In its 4th season, 2 Broke Girls has been a hit, and it’s only getting more edgy. With inappropriate comments being made left, right, and centre, this show is not for the light-hearted. Caroline Channing, a Wharton business graduate and a former affluent socialite finds herself in Brooklyn as a bankrupt entity of her once successful father. After facing a series of criminal charges regarding fraud, her father is placed in a correctional facility – think of him as your modern day Conrad Black. Caroline, now with not a penny to her name and without a job, lands a job as a waitress in a diner in Brooklyn. Max Black, another waitress working in the diner who has a history of an absentee father and dead beat mother finds herself gawking at Caroline who can’t even marry ketchup bottles.


Caroline struggles to make ends meet while waitressing in her last pair of Dries Van Notten pants and her Louboutin heels, and crumbles to pieces while in the midst of such difficult circumstances. Max takes in the broke blonde (Caroline) and the two become best friends, business partners, and of course roommates. The relationship that the two hold is very similar to the yin yang, one balances the shortfalls of the other. Caroline and Max are seen together in almost every scene of the show and are rarely apart, even when Caroline donates her eggs for money. After 4 seasons of hardships and hurdles of a failing cupcake business, they finally get their big break from Martha Stewart. After a raving review in her magazine the girls find themselves setting up shop in the back of the diner. With looming doubts from their failed business venture which involved a stand-alone store in Brooklyn, they struggle to get their new store off the ground. However, after several celebrity appearances such as Lindsay Lohan, the girls find hope in seeing their business booming.

Both protagonists experience falling in and out love, and are there to hold each other at every step of the way. While the show happens to showcase some extremely inappropriate innuendoes, it still retains its heart warming feel that exists at the core of the show. Caroline doesn’t really get any action, in or outside of the bedroom and Max is busier than a bee. With one night stands and random strangers circling her ever-so-promiscuous life, Max always seems to compare how she’s living the former life of her mother (minus the use of narcotics). The blonde and brunette are unstoppable and are wiling to go to extreme lengths for romance and turtle time (wink wink). Caroline is a hopeless romantic and manages to hit rock bottom with every failed attempt of a relationship. This contrasts with Max who never seems to be bothered by unsuccessful relationships.


The show is extremely entertaining and if you’re willing to put up with the inappropriate topics then I think anyone would enjoy it. I’d keep in mind that after 4 seasons I worry that the show may start having a stagnant plot. Comedy can only last so long and without an extreme plot twist, I think it will be difficult for the series to renew for a 5th or 6th season. That being said, there have only been 2 episodes in season 4 and there is low popularity expected in the ratings for the upcoming months. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend this show to anyone who isn’t afraid of some comedic version of 50 shades of Gray, or in this case, 50 shades of blonde.