Nevermind: The Game that will Challenge Your Mind

We all love our romance, but what if your heart was uncomfortably related to the game you’re playing? Nevermind is a first person horror game that takes you into the dark areas of your subconscious. The greatest enemy is your own mind as you explore the areas of this game, and it gets worse as you get scared. Control your fear to beat the game, or else get lost in the labyrinth.


The staple in this game is the biofeedback sensor that you’ll be wearing: it tracks your heart rate and adjusts the game accordingly. You’ll be playing the game on legendary mode if your heart is racing, but it’ll be more forgiving if you’re calm. The point of the game is to make you aware of your internal response to horror games, and train you to calm your nerves even in the most terrifying of situations. Not sure about you, but this is starting to sound like the hardest game I would ever have the chance to play.


Nevermind is still being developed, but even from the little footage there is of the game, it promises to be terrifying. There are rooms with flashing lights, hanging bodies, masks which stare into your soul and rooms that flood. The music sounds menacing as a high pitched scream echoes in the background. It also looks like the puzzles could be found anywhere: in one video of the game, the character was moving letters around on a tomb to find another combination of words. All in all, this looks like a great game, and I’ll be buying it as soon as it’s projected to come out in 2015. Will you try to beat the game, and your mind?


Watch the video and read more about the game here:



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