Modern Family: a Recommendation

JAY! JAY! JAY! The emphatic love of Modern Family seems to surround the Pritchett family. For those who don’t follow the show, Jay is the old divorced man who married an exuberant young Latina woman, named Gloria. In the most recent season, Gloria is raising her new son Joseph, or as Gloria’s mother would call him, Fulgencio (ful-hen-cio). The love in this family is overwhelming… depending on what your definition of love is. Everything in this family is over the top, from Gloria’s mispronunciations to Manny’s passionate one-way love life.

Manny is Gloria’s son from her previous marriage, and he also happens to be a hopeless romantic. His infatuations for women are far beyond anyone his age, he cares more about the happiness of his partner then himself, which often enough puts him in an awkward situation. He has deep feelings for the ladies that he has  pursued but they never seem interested. For a 12 year old boy, his lifestyle is quite mature. Manny often refuses to wear anything less casual than a sports jacket and wingtips; his step-father probably owns more tracksuits than him. Girls often find him unattractive for this very reason, but knowing Manny, he’ll find the one eventually.

Now… if only Gloria and Jay were as romantic, between the yelling and screaming that Jay usually hears none of (he must have gone deaf from Gloria’s earlier years). The couple is usually bickering or nagging each other about something, in an episode not too long ago Gloria refused to wear her glasses because she viewed it as sign of aging, while Jay refused to take a hearing test. Finally, after all of the bickering they see their love for each other, which is not limited by their appearance or their ability for perception. Through thick and thin they resolve their issues until another arises in time for the next episode.

I enjoy Modern Family and it’s a series that I regularly watch, it brings joy to my heart when I laugh and cringe at the things they say and do. There are adult rated jokes in the show, which I personally enjoy. However, the show is starting to lose its luster, having been through 4 previous seasons the plot is now starting to burn out. Other than the recent adoption and birth of Fulgencio, there haven’t been any drastic changes to the dynamic. For some if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but in my opinion for a 20 minute show it needs to be more stimulating. That being said, I still look forward to what future seasons will bring. If you haven’t watched Modern Family I highly suggest it, you don’t even need to watch from the beginning.


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