Community: a Recommendation


I’m a bit late to get on board watching this great comedy television series about an unlikely group of friends, but I could not resist sharing some thoughts regarding my new-found fondness towards this show. Without going into too much detail, the show follows a study group composed of individuals (Jeff, Annie, Shirley, Pierce, Troy, Abed, and Britta) with varying backgrounds and personalities, who embark on the journey of college together. This results in a multitude of adventures at the extremely unique Greendale community college, run by an equally unique and elaborate character that is the Dean. With Greendale also comes a variety of quirky students and teachers, including the unforgettable Señor Chang.

The group started off as a ploy by Jeff, the lawyer that got caught without a legitimate college degree, to score a date with Britta, the activist with a big heart. Abed, a quirky nerd who often uses movies and TV shows to relate to reality, was invited by Britta to join the study session and in turn invited a few others. Annie is the overachiever who went by the name of ‘Annie Adderall’ in high school eventually going to rehabilitation before college. Troy comes from the same high school as Annie, and was the star quarterback for their school football team. Shirley is the mother figure of the group, as she is a mother of two sons. Finally there’s Pierce, the son of a wealthy businessman, who has stayed in college much too long.


So what makes this comedy series so likable and hilarious? Such diversity within the study group makes for some extremely refreshing and intelligent humour that reflects modern society like no other show has attempted. The seven friends in the study group, also known as the Greendale Seven, are unique in their own way and each fill an important role within the group. However, it is the theme of friendship prevailing over all else that keeps the group tight-knit throughout their internal conflicts and challenges presented by the real world. I recommend watching an episode or two to gain a bit of insight into their group dynamic to see for yourself what makes this show so amazing.

Being in the group changes each of the characters very much for the better. They gain a greater appreciation for the smaller things in the vast journey of college, and even life. They treat each other like family as they grow stronger as a group and as friends. Conflict is inevitable between such a group of friends and it is these very conflicts that can stress their friendships to the very edge of exhaustion, but also give means by which to strengthen it.


The TV show’s name could not be any more appropriate. A community is exactly what these characters have created with their study group and with their friendships. They made their collective friendships a second family – one they chose and love. Throughout all the adventures they have in community college, Greendale becomes their second home. If you haven’t already watched Community, I really encourage you to take some time and embark on a journey with the lovable study group at the truly one-of-a-kind Greendale community college, and maybe you too can become part of the Greendale community.


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