Things Are About to Get Scary: SOMA, a Recommendation

Anyone who knows anything about survival horror games has definitely heard of Frictional Games. Well prepare yourself, because Frictional Games just released the teaser for their new upcoming project.

I give you SOMA. From the title it doesn’t seem too scary, but this game looks like a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the horror survival  genre. The trailer showcases their classic interactive surroundings, puzzle solving and the crap-your-pants scary environments that we have come to love from the Amnesia franchise. You may be asking yourself, “How does the SOMA footage compare to what we have experienced from Amnesia?” And you will be pleased to find out it’s just as good or even better.

SOMA brings us a setting we had yet to see from a Frictional game: a futuristic “sci-fi” world that looks FANTASTIC! The game is clearly being run on a new and more powerful engine as it shows on-the-fly physics, stellar new graphics, and vast environments that change right in front of the user (something that wasn’t possible on the previous HPL engine in which Amnesia was programmed).


The trailer opens up in what appears to be an operating room and across from our protagonist there is a motionless human being laying on a table, covered by a sheet. The environment alone is incredible unsettling and before you know it, our friend who just awoke is slowly walking around investigating the room.

To avoid spoilers and to let the trailer give you a more genuine reaction, here is the link to the trailer (–gSvI) for you to watch yourself. If you are a fan of Amnesia you should get excited and if you’re a newcomer to this terrifying saga prepare yourself. SOMA is something I’m stoked for and will be keeping a close eye on.

Catcha’ on the flipside.



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