The Team

Hey fellow vault hunters!

A lot of behind the scenes work goes on to make sure the Vault Publication runs smoothly and efficiently. There are meetings, arguments, discussions, and lots of editing that is done in the process to bring you the Vault Publication for you to enjoy. For those that read many of our articles, or even just one of them, we appreciate it so much! We created this publication with the mission in mind to bring like minded individuals together for collaboration and discussion on topics that spark a passion in each one of us. We love the games, the anime, the movies, and even the T.V. shows that we come across. And we love sharing our passions and interests with others, so we hope you enjoy the publication as much as we enjoyed working to bring it to you.

Introducing the 2013-2014 Vault Publication Team:

Co-Presidents: Monica & Yipeng

Communications Officer: Christina

Finance Officer: Sarah

Gaming Department Editors: TJ & Alex

Anime Department Editors: Ahbinav

Movie Department Editors: Aidan

Media/Technology: Kelly & Kate

Contributors: Justin,