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Articles that show outstanding content and effort are featured monthly under this dropdown menu. These articles are chosen out of the many entries every month and represent The Vault Publication at its very best!

Criteria for being nominated for Monthly Feature by the Executive Team are:

Articles:Image result for article
1. Effort
2. Clarity
3. Readability
4. Formatting
5. Prose
6. Content accuracy
7. Discussion provoking
8. Creativity

Art:Image result for Art
1. Effort
2. Creativity
3. High Resolution
4. Aesthetic
5. Meaning if applicable

Video:Related image
1. Video editing
2. Effort
3. High Resolution
4. High quality content
5. Appropriate for it’s genre (ie. Satire should be funny, analytical should be informative)

Podcast:Image result for podcast
1. Clarity of audio
2. Effort
3. Content
4. Appropriate for it’s genre (see above)


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