Welcome to the Vault Publication, McMaster’s Multimedia Website. We are a platform for the sharing and expression of opinions and analyses on anything related to media. We operate as an open forum for the McMaster student body to express their ideas on media in any media format they wish and share it with the McMaster and world community. All of the functions of the website are managed by the McMaster University club, The Vault Publication. Below are the guidelines as to how you can contribute to The Vault Publication.


The first thing you need to do is write, record or produce your piece of content.

For written articles:

  • While we’re not strict about word count we do ask for the article to have a minimum of 200 words and not exceed 3000 words (if you go over this limit it is preferred you break up your article into multiple pieces).  Remember to include an appropriate title for the article and 1-6 pictures that go along with the article you are writing.

For other media formats:

  • For audio and video formats we have a time restriction of 30:00 maximum (if you go over this limit it is preferred you break it up into multiple pieces). It may be requested that edits be performed by the content creator, as not all members of the editorial team possess the necessary editing software to conduct this themselves.

As we are a publication at McMaster University we wish to practice a form of intellectual integrity with all the articles that are published on the site. We expect all submitted work to be written by the submitter and any external sources to be properly acknowledged. In addition, we request all content not promote hatred/violence or violate the basic conduct expected of McMaster’s student body.


At this point we ask that send off your draft to thevaultpublication@gmail.com, remembering to include the username you would like to be known as in the article. The Vault Publication Editorial Team will now begin the editing process. The editing process consists of looking for content accuracy, writing flow and style, proper referencing, syntax, grammar, and appropriate vocabulary. During this process the Editorial Board will stay in contact with the author, providing feedback and commenting on edits until the article is prepared for publishing.


After the article has been edited and approved by both the Editorial Board and the author the article is posted on the site as anywhere between 1-3 weeks after the date the article was initially sent to thevaultpublication@gmail.com. After that point, you are officially published! Thank you and happy writing.